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Shatby Company is one of the largest companies employ Egyptians abroad , enjoying our companies has extensive experience in this field , and the highest degree of  speed  delivery . We have extensive dealings and close ties to business owners and their representatives in all Arab countries , especially the Gulf states.

Egypt and we have to circulate outstanding in all governorates , enabling us to attract top talent and the best expertise , to register in our database that we run the latest micro- technology advanced .



Required Internist

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Internist doctor is required to operate a hospital in Kuwait

5 years experience required

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We offer to Your Excellency the most skilled and best human elements with the qualifications and experience of the conditions specified by the by sending resumes to testing only the best candidates for Oza├║vk , who reserve the statements in our databases .

Keep your hands between our database accurate , comprehensive applications for those who want to work abroad , in all disciplines of work .

We can for your Excellency and you are in the seat of your business to do the testing and selection of candidates efficient to fill your job , through specialists have experienced high , all in their respective fields and also arrange interviews audio and video with the candidates through the program ( Skype ) or other - or visit us to meet them at the company .

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