Services for business owners

Shatby Company is one of the largest companies employ Egyptians abroad , enjoying our companies has extensive experience in this area ,

Defined by the highest degree of Ulkipaouah and speed of delivery . We have extensive dealings and close ties to business owners and their representatives in all Arab countries , especially the Gulf states.

Egypt and we have to circulate outstanding in all governorates , enabling us to attract top talent and the best expertise , to register in our database that we run the latest micro- technology advanced .

What we offer to our valued customers :

We can for your Excellency and you do your work at the headquarters of the testing and selection of candidates to fill the efficient and your job ,

Specialists through our highly experienced , all in their respective fields and also arrange audio and video interviews with the candidates through the program ( Alaskaa me ) or other - or visit us to meet them at the company .

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