Services to the employer

We offer to Your Excellency the most skilled and best human elements with the qualifications and experience of the conditions specified by the by sending resumes to testing only the best candidates for Oza├║vk , who reserve the statements in our databases .

Keep your hands between our database accurate , comprehensive applications for those who want to work abroad , in all disciplines of work .

We can for your Excellency and you are in the seat of your business to do the testing and selection of candidates efficient to fill your job , through specialists have experienced high , all in their respective fields and also arrange interviews audio and video with the candidates through the program ( Alaskaa me ) or other - or visit us to meet them at the company .

Our team specialist will terminate any difficulties you may experience or facing the candidates on the spot, and facilitate all your business and Ontqalatk your stay in Egypt.

Follow-up medical examination to all candidates and the completion of their papers and their willingness to travel in time.

For the termination of the proceedings consulates in Egypt, Saudi Arabia .

- We end the proceedings visas ( work ) of available candidates have employers and has a work visa ( comment ) .

( Check visas visits all types - temporary employment - recruitment - traffic - adding a child - data transfer - net - the payment of fees.

Making your dream company with Shatby

Our Services To Job Seekers

We are submitting the most skillful and best human resources that characterized by qualification, experiences and according to the conditions determined by the clients through sending the C.V. for choosing the best candidates for such position.

We can help our client through selecting, on behalf of them, the best efficient candidate to fill the vacancies this can be achieved through our specialized team who has great experience in the concerned field. This is in addition to arrange audio video meeting with candidate through (Skype ) or others or through your visiting to meet them in headquarter of the company in Cairo.